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This is what happens when you don't properly recycle...

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Yeah... even Michael Scott can sense something is wrong.

Usually, recyclables include milk cartons, cardboard, office paper. You know the drill... right?

But sometimes, you might see this sign on many containers:

This symbol usually appears on your containers. Recyclable? Long story.

Many companies are scrambling to boost their eco-credibility by putting the recycling symbol on their packaging.

In reality, this is a message from the manufacturer to the recycler saying: "This is the material we used to create this package." This means that we aren't actually supposed to throw some of these containers into recycling bins.

Here's what the numbers and the arrows ACTUALLY mean:

So how should you address this issue?

In the short term, you can reuse the containers for other purposes. In the longer term, however, we need to reduce our waste consumption with single-use items and advocate for better recycling treatment systems.


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