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Guide to be more eco-friendly Pt. 1

During the pandemic, the amount of waste is being generated at a horrifying level. Waste management facilities are being so over-worked that they cannot handle the sheer amount of waste streams that are effectively being thrown into landfills instead.

Well, this is devastating.

So... how can we help mitigate this problem? To start, we must be aware of what we consume, where our consumed goods come from, and where the leftovers go.

Here is EARTH, 5 simple steps for you to make a world a more sustainable place:

  1. Eat less meat

  2. Alleviate paper waste by creating DIY items with them

  3. Reuse plastic-based items (e.g. as grocery/garbage bags)

  4. Turn off electricals on stand-by

  5. Help one another grow their own food

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