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Cool... but sustainable

As summer continues, both fun and temperature rise. We want to be cool (get it? haha) but sustainable at the same time because protecting our planet is the coolest. So here are some ideas to cool down sustainably.

1. Get a plant

Plants can absorb light and energy (heat) which leaves the area around the plant feeling cooler.

2. Know the direction of the wind

Knowing the direction the wind blows allows you to use your window effectively. If the win blows into you, open your windows!

3. Use your curtains

Curtains are a great method to block light (heat) from reflecting off your floor, cooling down your room. Also, use lighter colour curtains because lighter colours absorb less heat.

5. Cook less

Ovens and stoves use heat (duh) and will only increase the temperature in your really quite hot home. Try to do less cooking and more room-temperature/cool dishes.

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